How to choose the Correct VPn for your company

Mainstream VPN services vs Opensource alternatives

How to choose the Correct VPn for your company

SoftEther VPN can be installed on Windows servers. The advantage of SoftEther VPN is the management in the graphical interface (see Figure 6). Companies can use to authenticate to Active Directory. In the graphical interface, even the most complex scenarios can be implemented (see Figure 7). SoftEther VPN can be also with cloud services such as Microsoft azure and Amazon Web services operate. Also, OpenVPN is supported (see Figure 8).

DirectAccess with Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10

Companies rely on Windows Server 2016 and 10 Windows, or on Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1, workstations over a VPN-like connection to the corporate network can be integrated (see Figure 9). This solution is operated on a server with Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows Server 2016. client computer can be efficiently over the Internet securely to the network, without that users must first establish VPN connections.

Data access works, group policy can apply and distribute software updates. Communication is via IPv6. This is not possible with the current data connection encapsulates IPv6 packets in IPv4 packets to the operating system and sends it to the destination server.

Build VPNs with Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2016

In addition to the relatively complex, to build a DirectAccess environment, administrators with Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2016 can build VPN based on conventional dial up server. Wizard support for establishing, the management is carried out in the respective administration console of the server.


There are numerous opportunities available to build a VPN in the network. In addition to the integration of VPN appliances or the additional extension of a Firewall VPN functionality, to own physical or virtual server can be installed on the basis of open source or commercial software.

This functions in Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2016 that users come by on the road quickly and easily connect to the corporate network can build. For users, the use of DirectAccess is easiest because no VPN client is necessary. In addition, this technology supports Group Policy.

It is gratifying that Pritunl stores its configuration in single files, but in the open-source database MongoDB. This allows also replicate settings between different servers and running a highly available VPN environment. Pritunl is therefore an ideal Assistant in setting up a VPN between different data centers, where high availability plays an essential role.

The advantage of Pritunl is that user to multiple organizations and VPN instances within the Pritunl server can be divided. Which comes with OpenVPN, but the configuration is considerably more complicated here because configuration files need to be adjusted. Pritunl such tasks in a Web interface. This also client-based systems can be set up and manage.

Pritunl supports IPv4 and IPv6 as well as various routing scenarios in this area. Before companies opt for the free version, should be checked in but only if features of paid Enterprise version are necessary. These include for example the use of multiple instances of the server/VPN or advanced routing between clients and the corporate network. This can be for example the routing of clients to servers in different data centers and multiple Pritunl servers. The configuration is stored in this case in a MongoDB. This configuration can also clusters. The advantage is that the environment highly available can be made available. All data of Pritunl are stored in the MongoDB, the different Pritunl servers and instances of VPN access to this database. This enables high-availability deployment of multiple VPN servers that access the same configuration data in MongoDB.

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The last may Instagram confirmed it would launch specific functionality for companies that use the camera application, providing a new type of corporate profile inspired by Facebook company pages.

It company not materialized when launch of form official them profiles corporate, although itself said that it would make “in them next months” and that these would be available for all the users before ended the year 2016.

However, it seems that Instagram has designed both expect to offer corporate capabilities to its users. The company has begun to deploy the functions for businesses in certain areas of the world and in a restricted way, only for some users buy instagram followers.

As noted from Wired, the United Kingdom is one of the places that Instagram has begun already offering corporate profiles to users, and that while when they announced the new features the company pointed out that the first to be able to use it would be the instagramers of the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

Besides in the United Kingdom, Instagram is allowing also that some users of Europe of the this and Africa can use them new profiles corporate, which indicates that soon will assist to the launch world of the new features.

New corporate profiles will enable companies to be more in contact with customers and find new more easily. Perhaps the novelty more important that include is the incorporation of a button of “contact” of large dimensions.

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It was obvious that they had to come at any time. Instagram has grown considerably in the last months and has bet by new formats advertising that have operated to the perfection reporting huge income… would how is that still not there are profiles corporate in the app social of photographs more popular and buy instagram followers ?

This is something that wonder many users and all those Community Managers that manage company profiles in the application using the standard accounts. Why Instragram does not release specific functionality for companies with corporate profiles, as does Facebook?

Well, everything seems to indicate that finally they will get. In the company are working to launch the company profiles with specific functions, which will include access to statistics or the possibility of buying advertising directly from the application.

Not is known date of launch (of form official Instagram not has confirmed when, but it has designated that is working in this) but has published a series of screenshots that show how will be them profiles corporate- or at least, how are today, in this phase of its development- and what features will have.


Für Magazin Marken auf social Media erhalten Facebook und Instagram Top Buchung


Laut der Zeitschrift Medien 360° Social Media Report ist Facebook der klare Marktführer behaupten, fast die Hälfte der gesamten Zeitschrift Medienbranche mag und Anhänger über soziale Netzwerke und Plattformen. Facebook-prozentige Instagram 16 Prozent gewachsen; Es ist der am schnellsten wachsenden Plattformen gemessen, und zum ersten Mal, das es Twitter unter den teilnehmenden Zeitschriften übertroffen instagram follower kaufen.

Die Zeitschrift Topmarken Bedeutung kombiniert mag und Anhänger über die Netze waren National Geographic Magazine (bei mehr als 85 Millionen), gefolgt von ESPN The Magazine, National Geographic (das Konto hat verschiedene Namen in verschiedenen Netzwerken), Vogue, The Economist, Zeit, Playboy, Forbes, National Geographic Traveler und Menschen.

Der Bericht, veröffentlicht von der MPA-The Association of Magazine Media, studierte im zweite Quartal 2016 zum 30. Juni. Es verwendet Daten aus SocialFlow zu studieren 200 Zeitschriften von 37 Unternehmen und schaute auf Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + und Pinterest. Snapchat war nicht im Preis inbegriffen.

Facebook hat 23 Millionen neue Seite mag im Quartier, für eine Gesamtmenge von 438 Millionen, und Instagram 21 Millionen neue Anhänger, für eine Gesamtmenge von 211 Millionen gewonnen. Sie wurden von Twitter (13,8 Millionen hinzugefügt), Google (3,5 Millionen) und Pinterest (1,7 Millionen) gezogene. Twitter hat 206 Millionen insgesamt, Google + hat 157 Millionen und Pinterest hat 26 Millionen.

Vogue führte die Ladung unter Modezeitschriften, Nr. 4, mit einer Gesamtfläche von mehr als 35 Millionen kombinierte Anhänger. Dann kam Elle (auf dem 11. Platz), Cosmopolitan (12.), Glamour (18. Jh.), Harper’s Bazaar (19.), InStyle (23.) und Teen Vogue (24.). Elle hat etwas mehr als 16 Millionen Anhänger FOLLOWERKAUFEN24.DE; Kosmopolitische 13 Millionen, Glamour und Harper’s Bazaar haben 11,6 Millionen; InStyle 11 Millionen, und mehr als 10 Millionen Teen Vogue.

Für Herrenmode und Lifestyle-Magazine war Facebook eindeutig die dominierende Plattform. Auf die Damenmode und Schönheit Seitenschiff wurden Twitter, Facebook und Instagram genauer abgestimmt.

National Geographic siegte auf Facebook und Instagram, während ESPN the Magazine die Top-Marke auf Twitter wurde, The Economist das Top Magazin auf Google war + und Harper’s Bazaar auf Pinterest führte.

Stadt & Land hat eindeutig einen Schub für soziale gemacht; Es war das größte Wachstum der Anhänger in Instagram (101 Prozent) und Twitter (192 Prozent). Autoweek wuchs die meisten auf Facebook, während Mopar Muskel die meisten auf Google wuchs + und The Atlantic den größten Zuwachs auf Pinterest hatte.

Facebook im Juli sagte, dass es eine zwicken an seinem Algorithmus, die Priorisierung würde Inhalte von Freunden und Familie in ihren Neuigkeiten mit Medienunternehmen Inhalte unter einen Rücksitz.

SocialFlow den Chief Executive Officer, Jim Anderson, sagte, dass dies widergespiegelt haben könnte in dem, was bereits ein Rückgang der Facebook erreichen. Jedoch sagte er, weil Facebook oft mit Änderungen Experimente bevor enthüllt ihnen dauerhaft, es möglich ist, dass Magazin Marken bereits die Mehrheit der Auswirkungen erlebt haben.